Orbital Welding

Having been one of the first companies in Ireland to have invested in computerised orbital welding, Pressure Welding Manufacturing has a wealth of expertise in this area.

Orbital welding has been proven to be a very effective method for joining of stainless steel tubing for systems in which the products flowing through them must be maintained in a clean and/or sterile condition. The capability of making smooth, crevice-free is essential for controlling the growth of microorganisms in hygienic piping systems.

Owning five computerised orbital welding machines, we have a large capacity in this area. Additionally, we work in a dust free environment and our premises contains a clean room which has been specifically built for our orbital welding operations. We are certified to ASME IX, EN1561, EN287, DIN 8560 and BS2633 standards. Samples and references can be provided on request.
We provide a full traceability documentation package for submission to the QA department with every project we complete, whether large or small. This documentation package typically includes:
Isometric drawings identifying every weld
Weld history sheets which identify every component, its heat number, when it was welded, who welded it and with what equipment
Daily Weld Logs which identify weld coupons
Material and Valve Certification
Orbital Machine Calibration Certification
Machine Operator Certification
Weld Procedure Specification
Non-Destructive Testing: Borescope and Radiograph Reports
Pressure Test and Degreasing/Passivation Certification




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